But she thinks using the term or to describe what going on is inaccurate. concerns me because honestly that not the truth, says Kilodavis. we don acknowledge there is a gender, we lose the power of acknowledging differences. To me, there is a beauty in boys and girls, in different skin tones, in different religions. nontraditional paradigms is something Kilodavis has learned to embrace as a result of her experiences parenting her two sons Dkobe, 9, a boy, and Dyson, 5, who was anything but. He gravitated toward princesses and sparkles; Kilodavis tried to repress that by giving him toy trucks. Notwithstanding, 3 year old Dyson announced, a pretty princess. firmly corrected him: are not princesses. Girls are. looked me in the eye and said, I am a princess boy, says Kilodavis. was taken aback by that.”

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